Low Fat Recipes

What Is Fat?


Before you start a low fat diet, you have to know that you cannot avoid fats totally. Fat is needed to store energy in your body. Without it, some vitamins cannot be absorbed well in your body. Vitamin A, D and E are fat soluble and as a result, good fats should exist in your diets to help your body to absorb them properly.

Good fats are usually produced from plants. For instance, flax seed oil, extra virgin olive oil and oils produced from sources like avocados, seeds, nuts and coconuts. However, you do not need much oil to help in absorption of vitamins. Consume of an avocado or five to ten nuts should provide enough fat to carry out the function.


What is Low Fat Diet?


According to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), low fat foods should contain less fats, especially the bad fats namely saturated fats and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL). Too much intake of saturated fat and LDL would increase the chances of getting chronic diseases like heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.


An ideal low-fat diet should contain 65 grams or less of total fat each and every day. Saturated fat is not good for the body and you should try your best possible to avoid it. Make it a habit to read the nutrition facts of the foods before buying them. This is vital in tracking the total quantity of fat in your food intake.

A good practice of low-fat diet should not be limited to tracking the calories from fat you consume. In fact you should look beyond that. Practicing smaller portions but more frequent eating is good as it helps in energy storing in your body. If you are on a low-fat diet to lose weight, frequent exercise would definitely achieve better results.


What Are the Healthy Cooking Methods?

Getting a good balance of foods in your everyday meals and choosing low-fat cooking are the basics of having a healthy diet. How you prepare your food is equally important as what you cook. Grilling and gridding are two examples of healthy methods of cooking as they allow fat to drain away. Steaming is another good way of preparing foods as it retains the nutrition of your foods. Stir-fry is not bad as it requires only very little oil to get your meal done.

In 101HealthyRecipes.com, our recipes are prepared in all types of cooking techniques. Your low-fat meals shall never be dull and lifeless again!

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