5 Good Foods for Healthy and Shiny Hair

List of Foods for Strong Healthy Hair

Prior to identifying what are the good foods for healthy and shiny hair, it is useful to know what hair is actually made of. Hair is a threadlike structure produced by a tough protein known as keratin. It has a root grows from a follicle in the dermal layer and a shaft protruding out of your skinís surface. Since the hair follicle generates new hair cells, the existing ones will be pushed way up towards the skinís surface. Upon projecting from your skin, the hair gets keratinized, which generally indicates the cells become hard and die. Because of this, it is possible to cut your hair with no feeling of pain. The same happens to the nails. To maintain strong healthy hair, try the following foods. 
  1. Eggs
    They are best for your skin and for almost the same reasons they are great for your hair; loads of vitamin B12 along with protein which penetrate into the follicles and roots to restore and nourish your hair. In fact, many shampoos -- both from the store and hair salon -- are added with vitamin B12 to help keep your hair shiny. With the presence of biotin, the egg is one of the finest natural beauty agents in the world of cosmetic. Eggs promote healthy nails and hair due to their large sulfur content and wide range of nutrients. Lots of people feel their hair is growing faster after they include eggs in their everyday diet, particularly if they were formerly deficient in foods that contain vitamin B12 or sulfur.

    Hair is actually protein, so when more protein is consumed, the hair follicles are healthier. Eggs are loaded with protein, no matter how they are cooked or what recipe they are added to.

5 Foods for Strong, Healthy and Shiny Hair

  1. Salmon, Tuna and Sardines
    There is a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids in salmon oil. As a food for healthy and shiny hair, salmon also contains iron and vitamin B12. Dieticians suggest that omega-3 fatty acids are essential for a healthy scalp. Deficiency may cause dry hair and dry scalp and affects the overall look of your hair.

    Tuna is another fish that promotes strong and healthy hair. Among them, troll-caught fish is the best. It is young with a higher amount of omega-3 fatty acid, which is the main input for strong, silky hair.

    Sardines are found to contain substantial amount of easy-to-absorb iron, omega-3 fatty acid and protein. Eating sardines help promote oxygen supply to the hair root, which stimulates hair growth and help prevent hair thinning or hair loss. Protein helps form stronger keratin coating, while omega-3 fatty acid makes sure your scalp is flexible and well-hydrated.

  2. Chicken and Turkey
    Both chicken and turkey provide you with high-quality protein. According to experts, inadequate protein or intake of low-quality protein may cause weak brittle hair. On the other hand, profound protein deficiency may bring about fading of hair color. Poultry is a good source of iron and having a high level of bioavailability, which means you can reap its full benefits easily. Chicken is also packed with vitamin B6, which promote cell renewal and maintain the wellbeing of red blood cells responsible for transporting of oxygen to your scalp.

  3. Brazil Nuts and Peanuts
    Nuts are also a good food to promote healthy and shiny hair. For example, Brazil nuts contain trace mineral called selenium, of which deficiency may prohibit healthy growth of your hair. Based on a report in the Menís Fitness magazine, selenium helps the body to process protein in the body. An enough intake of protein is not good enough to guarantee you healthy hair growth without sufficient selenium in your body. Eating Brazil nuts helps improve slow hair growth as a result of poor nutrition. Peanuts are also helpful in promoting strong healthy hair as zinc found in the nut helps produce scalp oil that moisturize your hair. Other nuts that contain zinc include almonds, cashew, pecans and walnuts. Zinc cannot be stored in your body, so make sure you include foods with zinc in your daily diet.

  4. Oysters
    A famous aphrodisiac food product, oyster is also good for the hair. And the compound behind this hair-boosting ability is zinc. In fact, oyster is among the top 10 hair-promoting foods. Besides zinc, the seafood also contains iron. Deficiency of iron can cause hair follicle sensitive to growth-inhibitory agents. Copper is another nutrient found in oysters and it helps produce a pigment known as melanin, which contributes to hair color. The presence of copper is also vital in iron metabolism. Vitamin B12 contained in oysters is essential for the bodyís metabolism. This eventually leads to nourishment of all the cells, including the follicles.

In many cases, hair loss is irreversible. You need to take care of your hair from day one if you really want a head of healthy and shiny hair. Besides foods, enough sleeps and workouts help considerably in normal hair growth, so make sure you have them sufficiently.

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