Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarianism has been practiced in many countries around the world. There are a few key reasons people choose to be a vegetarian. Health reasons and religious practices are amongst the most common motives.


What Are the Different Types of Vegetarian Diets?


There are a few kinds of vegetarian diets which are slightly different from one another.

  • Lacto-ova-vegetarians - Do not eat meat, fish and poultry. They do take eggs and dairy products. This is the most common type of vegetarians.

  • Lacto-vegetarians - Do not consume eggs, meat, poultry and fish, but diary products are alright for them.

  • Vegans - The rules of vegans are stricter. They cannot eat meat, fish, poultry, eggs, diary products and any other animal produce.

  • Fruitarians - The most restrictive vegetarians. This group is the subset of the Vegans. There are strictly no animal products, grains or vegetables for them. Their diets comprises only fruits, nuts and seeds.

Vegetarian Diet & Health


Typical vegetarian foods are generally healthy as they contain less saturated fat and more dietary fiber and starchy carbohydrate. There is a wide variety of vegetarian foods:

  • Vegetables

  • Fruits

  • Beans and legumes

  • Grains and cereals

  • Seeds and nuts

  • Dairy products

  • Soy produce

  • Eggs (for lacto-ova-vegetarians)

Including correct balance of foods from each group in your everyday diets shall give you enough vitamins, mineral and nutrients while keeping you living a healthy life.


Vegetables and fruits provides vital vitamins and mineral such as vitamins A, C, E, zinc and iron, while adding vibrant colors and varied flavor to your foods. Besides, this group also provide the important dietary fiber and antioxidant nutrients.


Beans and legumes, grains and cereal, on the other hand provide dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Seeds and nuts are usually used to enhance the texture and taste of your cooking while providing important nutrients. Dairy products, eggs and soy produce are the main sources of protein which is good for the growth of our body cells.

Vegetarian Cooking

Successful vegetarian cooking is the way of combining the wide variety vegetarian ingredients, to create tempting dishes from all corners of the world. Vegetarian cooking should be simple. The simpler the way of prepare, the less cooking involved, and the more nutrients retain in your vegetarian diets.

In this easy vegetarian recipe section, we are going to introduce you to quick and easy nutritious vegetarian recipes which will inspire your cooking and create your interest in preparing healthy vegetarian foods for your loved ones.

Easy Vegetarian Recipes:


Vegetarian Soup

Vegetarian Appetizer, Snacks and Side Dish

Vegetarian Main Dish

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