What are Stink Beans Good for

Stink Beans: A Legume with Many Health Benefits

Stink Beans Both with and without PodsThe study by The New England Journal of Medicine showed that eating stink beans (also called bitter beans or twisted cluster beans) reduced the risk of stroke mortality by 40%. While stink beans are not popular due to its unique flavor, it contains natural sucrose, glucose, fructose and good amount of dietary fiber.

Stink beans are the fruit of Parkia speciosa tree. They are usually found in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia. The tree is tall with slender leaves. A matured pod can grow up to more than a foot long. Besides culinary use the legume is also used to treat certain diseases as it contain some remarkable medicinal properties. Traditional herbalists in Malaysia use stink beans to treat heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and get rid of roundworms in children’s body.

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