Poaching As a Healthy Cooking Method

Cooking Technique – Poaching

Poaching is a cooking technique where food is being gently simmered at low heat in liquid, generally water, stock, milk or wine. There are also people who use bouillon to produce broth to poach. The liquid produced from poaching would then be preserved to make sauce for the dish.

There are 2 ways of poaching:

  • Shallow Poaching. Foods are cooked in very little amount of liquid. The mixture will never be brought to a boil, but the temperature is close to the boiling point.
  • Deep Poaching. Sufficient water is required to cover the ingredients, then the water will be brought to a boil before simmering.

The cooking technique is perfect in preparing ingredients like poultry, fish, eggs, and other foods, which easily turn tough when boiled.

Benefits of Poaching

  • The main reason for poaching is to reduce the excess fat of the food.
  • The method is popular especially among people with health conditions or some health-watchers, as the it is an oil-free cooking method.
  • This is one of the quicker, simpler and more convenient ways of cooking. It is suitable for hiking and camping.
  • Foods become easy to digest when prepared with the cooking technique.

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